Keep Track Of All Your Furry Friends.

My Buddy provides a platform for pet lovers and enthusiast who want to connect with their furry friends. Real-time GPS, Safe Zones, Instant Alerts, Medication Reminders, and much more make My Buddy an all-in-one for everyone.

Interaction User Flows


Here are specific user flows to accomplish different tasks within the My Buddy app. Creating the user flows allowed me to understand what options need to be available for the user to accomplish a task within the app. After constructing the flows, I was able to move forward to prototyping.

App Prototyping


Beginning with user flows and prototyping in Sketch-3, I was able to create digital versions of my app to begin my usability testing. This test was mocked up in, Invision
in order to provide the most accurate demonstration of the vision I had for the app.

Sketch-3 Refined App.


After gaining great insight from the usability testing, I implemented the changes and moved forward with colors, icons, and imagery for the final app.

My Buddy App Features

Unique Selling Proposition for My Buddy

Real-Time GPS

Stop worrying about your buddies getting lost when you take them outside. With the buddy locator feature, your buddy's location is always at your finger tips.

Set Safe Zones And Get Notifications 

No more tangled outdoor pet leads and expensive perimeter gates, with safe zones you always know how far your buddy is from you. If they decide to wonder a little further, you get a notification instantly to your phone or watch, no more wondering where they are.

Get Alerts Directly To Your Wrist

Receive notifications in an instant. My Buddy sends alerts to your favorite mobile wear so you always know where your buddies are. 

Medication Reminders

Tired of those heart-worm stickers all over your home calendar? My Buddy's medication feature sends you reminders when it’s time for your buddy to get their medications.

Activity Monitor

No more guessing what your buddy did while you were away, or how much exercise they got when you were at work. The activity tracker provides loads of features to show you how active your buddies have been.

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